*Classes by Gainor are taught at Carrollwood Cultural Center, Tampa, Florida, on a 6 week rotating basis throughout the year. The class schedule may be viewed online and in a printed catalog which may be picked up at the Center. Registration for classes may be done online by credit card or in person at the Center’s office or by calling 813 269-1310. Gainor may be reached at 813 469-1641 or email

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Students may work at their own pace using pastels or oils. The method of applying paint and building a painting is based on the methods adopted by the French Impressionists. This is a class for everyone, skilled or novice. The first class is a orientation about the materials and methods of pastel and oil mediums as well as an introduction to the work of selected Impressionist painters. This class emphasizes design, color, and values. Students will be given a booklet called “The Six Stages of Painting; How to Think Like an Impressionist Painter” written by the instructor which is a guide to the six stages of building a canvas. This method cuts through the maze of problems about how to start, where to make changes, and how to self-criticize as the work progresses. For pastel students a booklet called “Pastel Painting and Drawing” is given as part of the class, which shows 8 stages of developing a pastel drawing.

You do not need to be born with “talent” to paint. Like anything else in life, painting is learned by following the “rules” and then exploring the possibilities. “Talent” is doing it over and over, failing, and picking yourself up again, and doing it some more.